More Good Than Bad A review of Sofitel Miami

I'm a writer who lives in the area and needed some peace and quiet over the holiday weekend to finish some of my work. I had scouted the Sofitel previously and liked what I saw. The bar was rather pricey but had good variety, quality, and was friendly enough. Knowing the Miami area rather well, the airport area hotels cater to the business clientele. The hotel is so different from chain hotels, that I was immediately attracted to it, and was looking to get away from the SoBe party atmosphere of the weekend. Even though the runway was across the street (rooms don't face this area, but are parallel to it), I never heard any airport sounds. On my scouting visit, they were very accommodating and went as far as showing me both types of rooms offered: a regular for $99/night, and a suite (enormous!) for $129/night. I must say, I was so impressed by everything from the lobby, the pool, the bar, and the rooms that I thought it would be rather perfect for me (and it pretty much was). I ended up with a regular room which was very large, on a floor high up, lake view, king-size bed, and non-smoking.

Foregoing porter's help or luggage cart, I lugged up my three medium bags and purse. The lobby was not busy or crowded at ALL, yet the doorman never opened the door for me (when I let myself in, he was just standing there, and STILL, no offer of help from him).

The room was great but the security latch on the door was missing two screws from the hinge plate and I didn't feel safe. I called up and was almost immediately transferred to another room which was more to my liking. Well, guess who they sent up to move my bags and bring me my new key? You guessed it, the same doorman that wouldn't open the door for me or help me with my bags. Guess who got a lousy tip?

Okay, here's the breakdown in bullet form:


·no bottled water in vending machines

·pool water was a bit murky and needed netting

·perimeter of pool area (nearest lake) was a bit littered

·they turned on sprinkler system at 3:00 p.m. near sunbathing areas!

·Upon check-out, I was never asked if I had enjoyed my stay, and getting a thank you out of her was like pulling teeth, although the couple in front of me fared much differently


·big rooms with great views of lake or downtown

·Airport noise is non-existent, even poolside (this is masked by a heavy-duty poolside waterfall).

·Bathrobe and generous, upscale toiletry products were great

·early check-in, late check-out upon request

·peace and quiet available even on busy holiday weekend

·bartender Samuel was great to talk to, even caters to sunbathers out by pool

·free internet desktop computer access somewhere in lobby (I never checked this since I brought my own)

·included in room price there is both DSL and 56K modem access with a roomy desk and chair

·swivel TV

·huge selection of pay per view movies in-room which start at around $11 per movie

·24-hour room service

·they took off $7per night parking fee off my final bill when I complained about it upon check-in

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