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Unfortunately a collegue already set this hotel up for a business trip. Never would have stayed if I had read the reviews. This is the feedback I provided to Westin customer service.

I just spent four nights at the Westin, Columbus, Ohio and felt compelled to provide feedback on my experience. The short story is the hotel does not represent your brand like the other properties I have stayed at. The lobby is beautiful and well maintained. My room was #356. The bed is the bed and that was the highlight of the stay, thanks. The room comfort, the desk chair was very uncomfortable to the point my bottom went numb with in 15 minutes. The room was dimly lit to the point that it was difficult to see to iron my clothes. The iron had build up but did not leave dirt on my clothes. The coffee maker, I admit I am a coffee snob, and I want my first cup before I leave the room, it was filthy, significant build up in the water compartment, filter holder, carafe and burner. I went to a Starbucks to get coffee maker cleaner to use before the next morning, what came out was disgusting. The bathroom was what inspired me to send this. The lights over the sink showed cobwebs and the middle one had a black blob of something on it, I tried to clean it with a cloth and it started coming off. The Shower had a build up of MOLD in it. I realize this is an older property. My first morning I noticed some discoloration on some of the tiles but thought its just the oldness, The second morning either I was more aware or I just looked harder, but thinking no way would a Westin have mold I decided to pick up some TILEX mold remover that day just to make sure (I don't often complain). Sure enough after I treated parts of the shower the grout cleared up. So I went after it only to notice on the 3rd morning that the area between the door frame and the shower basin was SOLID mold. At this point I reported it to the front desk (he was the night clerk) he involved a gentleman in a uniform and they told me that they would take care of it and also fix the toilet that wasn't working well. They did offer to move me but for one night I told them cleaning the mold would suffice. Upon return that night I saw that the toilet was working normally and that significant cleaning had taken place, but there was still mold present in the shower. I went ahead and stayed in the room and mentioned again to the clerk when I checked out that the problem still existed. I haven't even told you about the many disinterested employees, the inability to get a paper delivered to my room in the morning, and receiving my neighbor's bill one morning (How did he get $109 rate when our corporate rate is $175 Hmm). I have canceled the stay for next week for myself and working colleague and will be reporting the conditions and lack of serve recovery to our corporate travel connections. Sincerely

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