Moldy, rotted walls and awful service! A review of The Victorian Condo-Hotel Resort & Conference Center

We really wanted to like it, but the service was appalling and the upkeep was terrible. Our bathroom had rotten walls from moisture and was rusting in the cracks. There is no maid service until the 3rd day and then that was never provided despite numerous complaints.

Housekeeping banged on the doors at 8:30 AM to deliver towels (waking us up) and that was it for any service.The ice machine wasn't working in our huge building and most of the time the entire complex had no ice. The pool was dirty with hair and oil floating on the surface. Our repeated request for a pillow and a missing plate was always promised but never delivered until the 3rd(!) day and our complaints fell on unresponsive and unsympathetic ears. We are STILL waiting for a promised call from the manager and are hoping you will not waste your money like we did. Too bad, it could be a nice place.

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The Victorian Condo-Hotel Resort & Conference Center
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