Mold in the shower A review of Stanley Hotel

We were truly disappointed in our recent stay at the Stanley due to the condition of the rooms for the price we paid. There is no ventilation in the bathroom. Our shower had quite a bit of mold in it, the wallpaper was peeling off the walls, and there were stains all over the ceiling of the bathroom. I had housekeeping come up and they didn't do much. I went to the store and got a mold remover myself and that seemed to work better. I also had the manager come up and she did a better job and was very apologetic about the state of the bathroom. She and the older gentleman who worked the front desk were the most pleasant staff we came across.For a hotel that caters to weddings, the rest of the staff was not very pleasant and could not seem to remember orders whether at the bar or the reception; nor could they keep up with the crowd. At one point the reception bar ran out of wine and the bartender snapped at me when I asked if they were going to be getting more wine or if should order something else. The hotel seems to solely ride on its reputation of being historic and not on cleanliness or courtesy.

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