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My wife and I spent seven nights at the Ku in late April for our honeymoon. Overall, we were pleased with the accomodations. Because the beaches and water on Anguilla are the main attraction, a hotel only needs minimal services for an enjoyable stay on Anguilla.

The positives of Ku/Anguilla:

1. Beautiful beach and water. The water was rougher and cooler than the water on the other side of the island. However, if you walked east along the beach the water became calmer and warmer.

2. Opportunity to visit Cap Juluca and rent an umbrella and chairs on their beach. The cost is $10 per person for the day. A great way to enjoy this beautiful resort without having to pay the ridiculously inflated prices.

3. Service. Your room is cleaned extremely well every day. They even wash your dishes and put them away for you. The staff is very helpful and eager to make your stay enjoyable. My wife was starving at about 4pm. Although the kitchen was closed, the chef put together some nachos and dip with sliced watermelon for her free of charge.

4. Affordable. Although Anguilla is very expensive, Ku offers an affordable option for enjoying the island.

5. Food. The food is fantastic on Anguilla, although it is difficult to drive to the restaurants (see discussion below). For dinner, we strongly recommend Picantes, Bananas by the Sea, and Roy's Bayside. For lunch, we recommend Gwen's (must visit), Tasty's, and Uncle Ernie's. For breakfast, you have to go to Deon's Overlook.

The negatives of Ku:

1. Loud and annoying music. The day we arrived a terrible calypso band was playing for four straight hours. The bar/restaurant also has 2 mixed CD's that they blare over-and-over-and-over every day. By the last day, we were bordering on insanity when we heard the macarena for the umpteenth time. Also, they have DJ music on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until 11pm. The music was bad and waaaay too loud.

2. Wrong side of the island. You must rent a car if you stay at the Ku. There are limited sources of food on the east side of the island, and you have to travel to the west side of the island to visit the great restaurants that the island has to offer. This is fine, except for two things. First, the roads are terribly bumpy. I had a terrible back ache after a few days of driving on them. Second, the locals are crazy. They drive crazy, and the pedestrians have no concern for cars. We saw one guy just walk into moving traffic and come within inches of being clipped. Because there are few street lights, this becomes especially dangerous at night time. Also, be aware that the restaurants do not open until 6pm at the earliest, and because everyone moves on "island time," you can't possibly finish a meal in under 2 hours.

3. Ku's mattresses felt like cardboard boxes.

The one complaint I have about Anguilla is that besides the restaurants and hotels/resorts, it is essentially a third world country. The residents are poorly educated. When you speak to them, they stare at you with a blank look in their eyes. They spend most of the day walking around in a daze, tending to their flock of goats, or walking in traffic. If you required medical attention, you would be in seriously dire straits.

Sorry for the negative tone, but I am a consummate cynic and tend to dwell on the bad things. Overall, we loved our stay, but just want people to be aware of the negatives when making a vacation decision.

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