Mixed Emotions A review of Pullman Sydney Hyde Park

My wife and I used our credit card rewards points to purchase a one night Executive Room stay at the Marriott.

The door and desk staff were friendly and responsive. Desk staff did not mention that the executive breakfast was on level 19 rather than level 1. There was nothing in the room to advise of this either.

The cocktail bar is excellently located and has a good cocktail and snack menu. The bar was quiet at 5pm and the bar tender was very friendly and deserves a wrap. (Sat 4th June)

We enjoyed our evening meal in the Restaurant which had a wide ranging menu without the usual pompous descriptions you find in a more expensive venue. Service was good.

We went out for a walk after dinner and although I would not classify the area as dangerous it is on the edge of town and there are a number of weirdos around.

Double bath was great. Room size was adequate but we have seen much better equivalent rooms in another hotel. View was pretty good even though it was not facing out to Hyde park and city.

In room movie system did not work properly in our room. We found this out at 10pm just as we were ready to watch a movie. A staff member did try to sort this out for half an hour without success. It was too late to change rooms.

Pillows were all extra thick or extra soft. Why is it so hard to just get a normal, average, medium type pillow in a hotel?!

Paying extra for the Executive Rooms allows you to have breakfast in the Executive Lounge on level 19 not that anyone told us until we went to level 1 in the morning and were told we weren't on their list.

Don't bother with paying extra. Staff member on level 19 did not seem to want to be there. No hot breakfast available. Little replenishing of food. Very disappointing.

Suggestion: If you are trying do something special, pay extra and book an Executive room at the Westin in Martin Place - sensational.

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