Might as well stay Down Town! A review of San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport

Last November we traveled to San Francisco for our First time, This will not be our last! Loved the City, Area, People...ECT.

We were very disapointed in the San Mateo Marriott though. It's not that we had a bad stay. We thought we should stay outside the City so as to save on parking fees. Most all the hotels in San Francisco have a parking fee, The San Mateo Marriott didn't inform us untill we checked in that they have a parking fee. We never could figure out why? It's a good 35 min + drive into the city, 15 min drive from the airport, it's hard to find off the highway, it's in a nice area but not so nice that it would merit a fee for parking. So if you are trying to find a place in the city that you don't have to pay for parking, think of it this way, You still have to pay to park your car while you are in the city. You might as well just stay in the downtown area and use the trolly/bus systems($6 a day for unlimited use), your going to want to ride the trolly anyway! It part of San Francisco's charm, and you can't put a price on charm!

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