May 2004 visit to San Jose Marriott A review of San Jose Marriott

The San Jose Marriott is such a physically impressive and modern hotel that I believe it deserves to be, at least, the West coast flagship for the Marriott chain.

Due to a reservation mixup with the Marriott 1-800 folks, I communicated with the general manager prior to my stay and was upgraded by him to a lovely junior suite. This gentleman carries a standard of professionalism and courtesy which if his staff would only emulate would then, in turn I believe make the property almost perfect.

The physical facilities are exemplary with the exception that I had some trouble regulating the flow of air conditioning. It did not seem as simple as entering 68 degrees with the temperature subsequently modulating within a few degrees around that point while I was there; also, I was unable to convert the Celsius readout to Fahrenheit which a user should be able to do - that may have been a glitch in my temperature console or possibly my own stupidity!!

The bedding was above excellent. I had a very restful and comfortable sleep all three nights. The shower, outside noise abatement, and room aesthetics were excellent. There were teens (wrestlers convention) on every floor and I barely heard them from within my room. The shower had great pressure and sensitive temperature control (however the bathtub does take some time to fill) and there was even a lit vanity mirror. The room aesthetics and the size of the room and bathroom were extremely satisfactory. It was a nice home away from home for my brief stay.

I would rate the service overall as average. There was no regulation of the check-in line; after standing in a somewhat haphazard line for more then five minutes, two airline pilots walked into the lobby and up to an open agent who handled their checkout without the agent acknowledging that several people were standing and waiting.

I had a reservation at the restaurant for dinner on my second night; spoke to the hostess in person at some length on my first night while having a drink in the bar which adjoins the restaurant to confirm my reservation and request a specific table and when I came in the next night (yes, just 24 hours later), she had no idea who I was (sorry, guess I don't make a first great impression) and even asked me if I had dinner there the previous night. (I also came in for a drink in the same lounge earlier, around 4 p.m. and after sitting at a table for just a few minutes reading my book, she walks over and informs me that I have to go to the bar myself to get a drink since there are no servers on duty - - I'm sorry, but if I were in her position, I would have taken my drink order and brought it to the customer.)

I phoned for turn down service the first night at 9:30 p.m. and was told by the guest service agent that I could not be accommodated because it ends at 10:00 p.m. (the humorous note is that I didn't look at the time on my watch until I was on an elevator going to the lobby ten minutes later for a magazine and a bottle of water). This guest service agent informs me on the phone that if I only took the time to read the guest services book to see what hours the turndown service is provided (then I wouldn't be bothering her now - - in parethenses is my conjecture) and when I do look at the book, there are no hours of service listed.

Then, while on the elevator heading down to the lobby, I realize that it's not even 10 p.m. yet. I stop at the front desk to mention this snafu and they were even less enthused towards I guess my silly request then the young lady I spoke with on the phone.

Finally, I took my car out twice and handed the valets five dollars upon receiving the car out of the garage and both times, the young gentleman failed to acknowledge the gratuity.

These are the little things which separate a good property from a great one. Would I return?....only if I were in San Jose for business, then probably yes.

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