Many times of fun! A review of Roseland Ranch Resort

I am a college student currently and am looking forward to returning to Roseland Ranch for the first time in about two years this coming October. I have been there in the past about 7 or 8 times since I was about 5 years old, both in the fall, winter and simply love it. Apparently the owners have changed recently, but in the past, the staff was as nice as can be and the food was A+ excellent. The rooms are not the nicest in the world and sometimes even a bit on the dirty side meaning the rug may have a bit of dirt/dust in it, but you're at a dude ranch, deal with it - the beds are comfortable. Plus, you should not be in your room except for when showering and sleeping - they have so much to do! Horseback riding, ATVs, rifle range, paintball, tennis courts, basketball court, the indoor pool, the game room, the volleyball court, archery, the small animal farm... The list goes on, but there is always time to do activities. While some may find it difficult to do everything they wanted, this problem can be erased by either another trip in the future or staying for another day or two. I would recommend a minimum of three nights and this should cover all of your activity conflicts so you can do everything you want at least once. The daily movies, bingo, cardgame playing tables, boardgames, poker chips, large fireplace and very comfy couches in the main lodge can keep anyone adverse to the outdoors entertained. If this doesn't help, bring a book and just relax, you'll still enjoy the evening musicians, dancing and late night snacks like homemade pizza and donuts. The meals are only three sepcific times during the day, but the food is excellent and muffins, coffee, hot chocolate and soft serve were, at least in the past, available all day in the dining area. I would asolutely reccommend Roseland for anyone who wants some fun and doesn't mind getting a bit dirty from the horses and ATVs.

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Roseland Ranch Resort
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