Many Stays and All of Them Enjoyable A review of Hotel National, A Luxury Collection Hotel

These are days when one terrible review can harm an establishment's reputation, so I felt compelled to enter my own review.

The person who submitted the bad review certainly had a different experience than I ever had. I stayed in the National 30 times over a period of 15 months in the last few years on business trips and found the hotel to be delightful. They gave me upgrades to various rooms and suites as if I were a welcome guest. The staff was always courteous and friendly, and even when I was irritated by something outside their control (oilfield work related) they remained just as helpful. The food was always outstanding, and always served in a timely manner with grace and style. The location is excellant, and I never felt threatened by anyone in the area, even late at night. There always seems to be throngs of people in the area, since it is in the center and the heart of Moscow. The view of the Kremlin was fantastic, and I never saw "bubbly" windows when there was a view from my room. I only saw that when there was no view from the room I was in.

As far as feeling threatened by anyone on the street - it is typical in Moscow to be approached by people selling various items on the street. They are not overly threatening, and this is a part of Moscow street life and has been for years. The same goes for prostitutes. Most Moscow hotels have their own girls planted in the hotel - the National does not. They also do not ban people from coming into the bar, and that includes the working girls you may see during later hours in the bar. The girls are not forceful and imposing, but mind their own business. Of course if you look at them for a while they will approach you, but they do have good manners and are another aspect of Russian life in Moscow. It all adds up to a flavor of life in Moscow that is a strange mix of class and style, with an undercurrent of the reality of the harshness of our existance. No matter what you think, when in Moscow you will experience these things, and it's nice to be able to see them while staying in a very comfortable and clean hotel like the National.

As far as price, I would love to know where there is another hotel directly across the street from any national treasure with as many conveniences for a price as low as the National offers. All of Moscow is pricey, and in a city where you can spend anywhere from $20 to $5,000 for a single dinner, the National is very reasonable.

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