Manhattan Couple Used to Top-Notch Service and Quality A review of The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

We went to the St. Regis Bora Bora on the first leg of our honeymoon. We had VERY high expectations, especially because we both love to travel and had recently taken some unbelieveable trips to Bali, Hong Kong and Tortola. Knowing it was the first week the hotel was open, we were not sure what to expect. From start to finish, we were blown away. (We even cancelled our reservation at the hotel in Moorea and exptended our stay at the SR).

When we arrived, someone was waiting at the airport to welcome us, collect our luggage and ensure we were taken care of from the second we walked off the plane to the time we stepped foot on the St. Regis grounds. When the boat arrived at the hotel, there were several employees waiting there to welcome us, including the butler who was assigned to us for the week. She was gracious, overly concerned with our level of satisfaction and very accommodating. She took us to our over-the-water bungalow and immediately checked us in without us having to lift a finger. A cold bottle of top-shelf champagne was waiting for us with a plate of the freshest fruit. The room was spotless and we had a great view, not to mention the bathroom was palatial. I am a stickler for clean hotel rooms. In fact, I am more than a stickler. I am a perfectionist and can't tolerate uncleany hotel suites. Anyway, we loved the private deck, but at the time, the chairs did not have cushions, but I believe they were expecting them and had not made it to the island yet.

We really enjoyed our stay and can honestly say it was better than we expected. We did four amazing scuba dives that the hotel set up for us. They use a great scuba center with top-notch instructors (ask for Eric who knows the island and the dives very well) and this was by far a highlight for us. We also went around the island on water skiis with a guide. Had we knows the cost, we may have reconsidered, but nonetheless, our guide was a lot of fun, so friendly and knowledgeable. The highlight was him taking us to a great little remote island where he found and cut up coconuts for us to eat and then he took us to a fantastic, mind-blowing snorkeling spot. It was a perfect day. We are active people by nature, but this was a true relaxing vacation for us and offered a nice balance btw relaxing and doing things.

We enjoyed eating at Lagoon, Jean George's restaurant at the St. Regis. And it was nice to see Jean George himself in the kitchen preparing our meal. That was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. However, we are not creatures of habit and wanted to explore other restaurants on the island. The hotel graciously recommended places, made reservations and handled transporation. The transportation on the island is not exactly flexible, so know that you may have to abide by the set times the boats and taxis come and go. Kind of a pain in theory, but did not effect our plans at all. And finally with regqards to food, I highly recommend the sandwiches at the beach bar. We ate there almost every day. They are affordable (in Bora Bora standards) and delicious. I was warned about the lack of good food, but we enjoyed every meal we had and felt the food was high quality and tasty. The SR also has great egg-white omelettes.

Another great thing to mention was that there were nights where we wanted to stay in and watch movies. The hotel had a good amount of DVDs and CDs, which we utlized quite often. They were free to us, but I am not sure if that has changed or not.

While you will pay a lot to stay at the St. Regis, it is worth every penny. We would definitely go back and I hope we do soon!

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