Major remodeling needed to live up to its 4 diamond rating A review of Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite

Well I stayed at the Tenaya Lodge 4 nights in November 2003. I payed 157.50 each night for their extended double. I was able to get this low price because it was off season and it did not include their breakfast buffet. I find it hard to believe that people pay more than twice this rate for just a decent hotel Like many of you I was under the impression that this lodge would be really nice because of its 4 diamond rating. Its more like a 3 diamond. All the walls in the room are paper thin I could here people talking in the next room and I am sure they could hear us as well. I stayed on the 2nd floor and while lying in bed I could feel and hear the ground shake as people walked in the hallway. This was also the case for the rooms next to us and on top of us. The amenities and decor throughout the Tenaya Lodge wasn't up to par or was dated for a 4 diamond. The restaurant in the hotel was overpriced and the bar next to it was decent. It can get quite expensive if you eat a couple meals at this place everyday. If you have a family and you want to save $ then I would recommend bringing an ice chest. You can buy cold cuts, water, milk, fruit, cereal,etc from the Safeway/Vons in Oakhurst to supplement for a meal or snacks. When leaving to go to the park leave as early as possible because there is lots of driving in the park. Finally if you are going in winter months bring chains regardless if you have a 4X4 because you can get a hefty federal fine if you are asked to show them and you don't have them while in the park.

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