Luxury! A review of Hyatt Regency Dearborn

Me, my dad and my 2 uncles stayed at the Hyatt Rgency Dearborn from June 18th-June 20th 2004. Just by the look of it, I could tell it was gonna be a great hotel. This place is luxury at it's finest (The staff wear UNIFORMS!!). It was orginally built in 1978 and was remodeled in 2000. The only part that wasn't was the pool area (It still has orange, yellow, blue, and green colored fake skylights on the ceiling!!) But since I like 70's decor and I thought they looked nice, I didn't mind at all. The hotel is located directly across from the Fairlane Mall, and very close to The Henry Ford. The breakfast was very nice, the fitness room and pool were very peaceful. The staff was kind too. Going up to the 14th floor (which you need a card to get to, since it's where all the famous people stay) you can look out the big windows and see the detroit skyline far in the distance. I didn't get a chance to see the bar on the top, since you had to be 21 or older to get in. The whole place was abuzz with WW2 veterans while we were there, since they were having some kind of convention there. All in all though, it was nice, very clean, and well worth the money. My only complaint is, the smoking in the lobby. Where we live (New York) smoking is not allowed in public places, so I'm not quite used to that. That's ok, though. The fans seem to waff it away.

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