Luxurious rooms and excellent concierge services! A review of Rocco Forte Hotel Astoria

My wife and I visited St. Petersburg in June, 2004 for "White Nights". We chose the Hotel Astoria (after doing a lot of research prior to the trip). The property is part of the Rocco Forte chain of hotels.

The Hotel is located in a very convenient location in St. Petersburg. The service (by Russian standards) is excellent and efficient (warning: don't expect "service with a smile" in Russia in general). All of the Astoria staff spoke some English, but I encourage all travelers to learn the Russian language and use it when in Russia. The concierge had extensive connections with all tourist and cultural activities within the city. The breakfast buffet was sumptuous.

The architecture, decor and layout of the hotel felt very "Russian" - spacious and grand. The rooms were comfortable and quiet. The bathrooms are downright opulent (marble all around!).

The restaurant within the Astoria (Davidoff) was a bit overpriced, however. There are finer dining opportunities in St. Petersburg, such as the Taleon Club.

Overall, the Hotel Astoria gets an EXCELLENT recommendation.

By the way, if you do visit St. Petersburg during "White Nights", don't forget to close the curtains and get some sleep! The 22+ hours of daylight per day can really play tricks with your sleep patterns!

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