Luxurious but not my cup of tea A review of Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo

Stayed at the Grand Hyatt for a business convention. The hotel is quite luxurious and food is really good. The room is interesting that it trades off space in the room itself (which is not that big) for a huge and very luxurious bathroom. The bed is very comfy but one thing I can't really igonre are the locked windows. Why can't I open my hotel window? All things considered, a very good hotel but not my choice if I were paying for it for a few reasons:

-Too big, no matter how well trained the staff is you end up being a number

-Everything too standatized. I am not a fan of big chain hotels

-Poor location. The hotel is located in a new business area of Sao Paulo, but rather unattractive and lacking charm. It is quite far from where you'd want to be if you are there as a tourist. OK if you are conduting business in the area, of course.

-Last but not least: Those locked windows. I hate them!!!

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