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Stayed at the Warwick in March 2005 and it was wonderful. The Fijian people would have to be some of the nicest people I have come across in the world. They may be laid back but so were we, we were on a holiday. Considering we got in at around 9am and check in is at 3pm, the staff were very helpful in getting our room ready shortly after we arrived, yet they were not obliged to do this. If you are arriving in early morning I would suggest possibly booking an extra night so that you have a room ready when you arrive. The hotel is exactly how it looks in the brochures with the weather some of the best we have experienced anywhere in the world - considering we went in the wettest time of the year and it rained one afternoon, I am eager to see what the weather is like when we head back hopefully later in the year. The hotel is quite large and was fairly well booked when we were there, so breakfasts and lunch times were quite busy, but apart from that there was plenty of space to do our own thing and relax as we did! We went at a time when some Australian school holidays were on and hence there were plenty of families around and the pools were quite busy - however it did not bother us because there is the beach, the tennis and squash courts, massage centre, 4 restaurants all with high quality food; the Italian restaurant was fantastic. The lunches were quite American style burger and fries; however there was a buffet that catered for healthier tastes. A tip for those who would prefer a quieter end of the complex for their room, request the Suva Wing. We had an all inclusive package with 3 meals per day and unlimited alcohol and this was a great idea as we did not have to worry about extra costs. The lovely thing about Fiji is that you don't have people trying to sell you something everywhere you go, unlike some of the more Indonesian cities. We would definitely recommend and return to the Warwick.

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