Lovely hotel, terrible service A review of Hilton Short Hills

Physicaly, this is a lovely hotel...nearly as nice as, and in the same style as, a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton. Almost as nice, that is. The lobby, lounge, restaurants and the guest rooms are all done extremely well in that gracious, marble and mahogony style.

Unfortunately the amazingly inept service from concierge to housekeeping, to the so-called executive (or club towers) lounge seriously marred our enjoyment of the hotel.

The problem seems to stem from the fact that absolutley no one working at the hotel knows even the most basic answers to simple questions. i.e., we enquired if there was tea being served. The concierge said "yes, at 5:30pm." The guest services person said, "yes...but only on Saturdays, but they are probaby setting up tables in the bar-lounge for tea today" (this was a Sunday, by the way.) When we arrived downstairs, the front desk person told us that there was no tea on the weekends at all but the bar was open. The bar was, in fact, closed because they were "cleaning up" and we could get something to eat in the Terrace Restaurant.....etc......

A similar situation occured when we asked for the hours for the Short Hills Mall, which is a major reason people stay at this particular hotel. The short Hills Mall is directly across the road from the hotel and is the main attraction of Short Hills. Nobody seemed to have a firm grip on the hours the mall was open, etc.

The front desk made at least six errors on our bil.

The front desk de-activated or incorrectly activated our keys at least three times, and we were forced to wait in the hall each time for over fifteen minutes in order to get new keys.

The outdoor pool area is nice...the pool is nice. The chaises and pool side amenities are definitely not in keeping with a RC or FS hotel. This brings to mind another piece of information...when we first checked in my son wanted to go swimming but we had not had lunch. We asked if they served lunch outdoor near the pool and we were told that they only had a bar for drinks outside. Therefore, we had to eat in the hotel dining room. By the time lunch was over and we went out to the pool, we immediately saw the Pool Grill with outdoor tables plus chaise-side service - a full menu ranging from a hot dog to lovely salads, etc. It would have been perfect. Lunch indoors took so long that by the time we got to the pool my son had only five minutes of swim time before ominous clouds required the lifeguards to close the pool. Obviousy, if we had gone immediately outside, we could have had an hour plus out in the sun while we ate and my son swam (which was the main reason we decided to go to the hotel in the first place.)

The Lifeguards and pool staff were exceptionally nice and attentive.

The rest of the hotel staff is sorely in need of a management team who can guide the service aspect of the hotel from shocking ineptitude to approriate efficency.

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