Lovely Hotel, Slow Restaurant A review of San Jose Marriott

I'm rating this hotel excellent, because that is how I believe the room and the service are at this hotel. This is our second stay at this hotel -- this time was Jan. 23-28, 2005. The bed is among the most comfortable I've had (down comforters, down pillows), the rooms are decorated in nice colors, and the bathroom was large. The staff was incredibly friendly. Everyone who passed us in the hall or in the elevator asked if we were enjoying our stay and if everything was okay. Although this is not a place for restaurant reviews, I feel it is important to mention the service at the hotel's restaurant, Arcadia, because hotel guests use this restaurant. The food is very good, and the presentations are appealing, however, the service is incredibly slow. We ate here three times. The first was a business lunch. I ordered the Express Lunch -- a misnomer, because it took the longest to arrive. We all waited about 30 minutes for our food, but as we had a lot to discuss, it wasn't such a problem. The next morning for breakfast, two of us ordered eggs over-easy with toast, while our guest opted for the breakfast buffet. Our guest had been back to the buffet three times before our eggs & toast arrived. The wrong toast was delivered to me, but the thought of waiting another 40 minutes for the whole wheat toast I ordered prompted me to just eat my English muffin & be quiet. The next day, I came alone for a "quick" lunch, and I arrived before the lunch crowd. I ordered soup & salad, which I thought might be the fastest thing on the menu. This time I timed them. I placed my order at 11:50 pm; begged for a piece of bread at 12:10; asked the waitress where my lunch might be at 12:20. The manager finally delivered my soup & salad to me at 12:27. I overheard the manager even suggesting to one customer to leave because they could not meet his request for something quick so that he could get to the airport. Folks, this is a convention hotel, attached to the convention center. The service should be quicker, a lot quicker for such a hotel. I do several conventions a year in many different cities. Breakfast, especially, is usually very quick. I've never had to wait 40 minutes for two eggs & toast! I've never had to wait almost 40 minutes for soup & salad!

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