Lovely hotel 30 minutes from Niagara Falls A review of Buffalo Marriott Niagara

It's a nice, clean hotel with Neutrogena shampoo & conditioner in their bathrooms. The hotel has 2 pools (indoor & outdoor), which are perfect for kids. Our room was a dark one with a little window shaded by trees, but we liked it anyway. I don't know if they have better, brighter rooms, but if gloomy environment is not for you, then you better look for another hotel or make sure they have sunny rooms.

As another reviewer mentioned, mattresses are old & should be replaced. Ours was squeaking every time we rolled over. Maybe that's the reason why this Marriott has only 3 stars instead of 4 ;)

I guess, if you came to see Niagara Falls and don't want to pay over $180 for the same level hotel right next to the Falls, then it's a safe choice + you have a chance to eat nice food in Buffalo without overpaying for it.

People, it's 2005 - almost all cable companies are using digital signal only, and you can order all movies on demand for $4.99. What Marriott is thinking charging $12.99 for a movie? Ugh!

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