Lovely - for Greece A review of Alykanas Beach Apart-Hotel

This hotel was very nice compared with other Greek hotels I've stayed in - we even had a shower curtain! The staff were friendly, everything was clean and the rooms were fine, although simply furnished.

However, be aware that the hotel is popular with families, so it isn't especially peaceful... cue lots of rowdiness, general drunken behaviour in the daytime and loud touristy complaints. We mistakenly thought that by going out of the main season we could escape them, but it was not the case.

We therefore hired a car and stayed away from the resort during the daytime, which meant we benefited from the pleasant accommodation, but could escape the 'John Bull' types. And during the evening we could actually use the swimming pool for swimming! In the day time, children used it for jumping in/inflateables/etc rather than using the dedicated children's pool.

Perhaps we should have booked a quieter place to stay, but then we'd have had to compromise on the quality of accommodation.

We went with Kosmar and were looking for a peaceful, quiet resort and hotel - after speaking with some of the guests with families it appears that they were looking for a more traditional lively holiday, so they weren't especially pleased either!

I would stay here again, but I'd go in September so that hopefully all children would be back at school.

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Alykanas Beach Apart-Hotel
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