Lovely, but isolated hotel A review of Resort at Squaw Creek

Just got back from a trip to California where my family and I stayed at 5 hotels in the course of 8 days. Overall, we felt this resort did live up to its 4 diamond rating in the AAA guide, but it was so flawed in its layout that we would never stay there again. Every amenity was a long walk or even a car ride, to the horse stables for example, and we never felt as welcomed as we had felt t the Hotel Nikko in San Fransisco.

The hotel is separated into 2 main buildings with all the resort rooms in their own tower. The walk to the hotel lobby, where the lobby, restaurants, guest registration, and concierge was, meant going outside and through a gift shop promenade (all the same overpriced items in the guise of 5 separate stores) before reaching the concierge. The lone deli, Sweet Potatoes, served expensive snacks such as hot chocolate for $2.50 and croissants for $3.00 each; there was not even a carton of milk to be sold. The casual restaurant, Cascades, was closed Thursday night, due to low occupancy at the hotel, leaving us to find a causual restaurant in Tahoe City. The walk to our car was at least a quarter or half mile depending which spot we got in the parking lot. Even a trip to the hotel's spa meant another trip outside and down a long flight of steps.

There were some positives to our stay, however. The hotel pool complex was outstanding and terrific for our 2 teenagers and our 8 year old. Although both days that we arrived at the pool around 3 pm, we couldn't get 5 lounge chairs together except at the baby pool area. The pool attendant who sat in a chair by the slide, wore pants and tennis shoes making us wonder how likely she was to really save someone. The golf course did look beautiful. And our fireplace room with the awesome valley view (well worth the $20.00 charge), the granite top with 2 sinks in the bathroom, 2 tvs, bar area, and bathrobes was wonderful.Interestingly, there was no turndown service with chocolates, yet the Embassy Suites Seaside/Monterey (a three diamond propert)gave us turndown service!

All in all, this was a beautiful hotel, but we were frustrated at the distances to reach every amenity at the hotel, and Lake Tahoe, the real reason we made the trip. Although I enjoyed my stay, I was never as relaxed as I had hoped this stay would bring.

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