Loved Timer Ridge--Great Service, Rooms and Lifeguards! A review of Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark

After reading the previous reviews, we were a little hesitant about trying out this resort, but we decided to be adventurous! Boy, were we impressed.

Quick and friendly check-in--they were able to put us in a room next to our friends. We didn't even have to ask.

Beautiful rooms--this is a timeshare resort, and you can really tell. A full kitchen, some pictures on the wall, Aveda toiletries, fireplace that works with the touch of a button--and the best part--a separate bedroom for mom and dad!

Water park--two large waterslides--a green tube slide and a yellow body slide. We all went on the green one and the adults enjoyed the yellow one. Lots of activities for the kids--but really geared towards the 10 and younger set. Teens really didn't have a lot to do. The lifeguards were very attentive and all-American clean cut. They were friendly but firm in telling kids not to cut in line or run. If a kid is in over their head and there doesn't seem to be a parent around, they'll help the kid track the parent down. (And though I didn't witness anything, I'm sure the parents get a good talking to.) Lot to do for a day or two.

If you want to bring a water, juice box or small treat, they'll let it slide. But those carrying coolers or big bags of chips were advised that they were not allowed into the waterpark. Be sure to fill up in your room. The snack shop is the usual water park fare, but pricey.

We thought this was a great place to stay with kids for a day or two. After that, it would make a good home base for setting out to Lake Geneva (quaint shops), Milwaukee (we did a Sprecher tour that had root beer and other sodas for the kids and 4 beers per adult. Mmmm), or a Jelly Belly tour in Kenosha.

Oh, look for coupons or check out their website for web specials, which are about half the price of Expedia or Travelocity.

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