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All I have to say is WOW. The food upstairs at the PAN restaurant was allways great and ever changing. No written down menu like a normal hotel ... there was a menu board with todays menu {except breakfast} Lunch and Dinner was great we started to pinch ourselves ...was this possible a little hotel {7-9rooms} run by two 30 something couples from San Fransico. We found out that the chef used to work at the FOUR SEASONS hotel in San Fransico so that explains the great food. They have just aquired the hotel/INN in august of 2004{it used to be called the EL Bucenero?} and are quickly getting a great reputation in the area...It is still hard to find even though they have a website it doesnt seem to want to come up on search engines yet so try your browser (---) with no space in between jack and inn. We walked and had to drive to some of the other hotels because they were so far from the beach to check them out and see what else there was by comparison to what we had at the rip jack inn. On all counts...we felt we got lucky to have chosen the ripjack via info gained by internet....because this was our first time to costa rica. It is admittedly a hard decision to choose a place to stay, when you have a family to think about...I like to surf my wife likes the beach to be close enough to walk to but cant stay at the beach all day she wants to see the country's sites and explore as I and my daughter and her freind also. We also enjoy eating good/great food and frendly people. We do care about the size of the rooms but its not that important since we only sleep there. You will most definetly need a room with A/C dont even think about staying somewhere without it you will regret it ..all of the rooms have A/C at the ripjack. We had 3 rooms all 3 had a ceiling mounted like turbo fan adjustable from small breeze to hurricane force and a A/C and one had brand new digital controlled A/C and a mini fridge they plan to have mini fridges in all rooms soon.They had good beds with a combo of queen and twin {to queen and 2 beds...a little cramped but great for 3 guys or girls..}With a full bath per room with coffee maker and coffee cups and maid service per day. If you like to go to bed early it might be a good idea to try and get one of the 2 rooms in the extra building 30 feet away from main bldg. since the upstairs bar scene and restaurant doesnt close down till midnite and the hotel is octagon in shape all 6 rooms are under a section of the bar so the moving chairs and dropped silverware can startle you from a slumbering it did me one extra long surf day had taken its toll from the usuall party man that I am.

P.S. just had to mention Johny he is the night waiter he was so nice and attentive got to know all of our names the first night wouldnt have had the same feel to the place without johny.

The relaxing town of Playe Grande is so nice compared to Tamarindo. Tamarindo reminds me of tiajuana mexico dirty stinky always half built bldgs all over with to many people and bugs every time we went to Tamarindo to shop or sight see we all came back with bites we pre sprayed with bug spray before going after 2nd time. We triied to find a sunset bar in Tamarindo and GOOD food/service good luck finding it without the occasional what the hell was that smell wafting by {sewage?}

We did find a new store for shopping that was more expensive but seemed to have some original type souvineers its called the green turtle? Its upstairs ocean side of the street halfway down the shopping road in tamarindo

The surf in Tamarindo pretty much sucks, too many people not enough waves. Playa Negra, Navelones, langosta, and playa Grande are only ones worth mentioning. Then by boat witches rock You must do the witches rock boat trip for no other reason than the adventure let alone great waves, bail on ollies Pt. breaks good 4 times a year.

The surf at Playa Grande was great for the 2 hours before high tide untill 2 hours after high tide then nothing and I mean nothing as it is in the entire area there is no low tide break within 100 miles. I can tell you this much the 2-3 foot wave at playa grande has the power and speed of a 5-6 foot day at newport beach ca. Watch out when you get a 6-7 foot day like we did.. it will pound you if you get caught inside...sometimes I was just inside the break 10-20 feet but you couldnt duck dive fast enough and paddle fast enough to not get drilled hard by the entire set. Thats because there is a sand bar and a real drop off to deep water so the waves break fast and all of a sudden. So we had a saying while we were there Tubular rapido...Fast tube/poundingwave... great barrel rides to be had.... rights and lefts. Then you can plan the rest of your day around the family/party etc. P.S. if you can time your trip around early morning high going high at 8 am...then you get that for sure 6 am to 10 am off shore winds for epic conditions. We really only hit good waves at playa grande and witches rock.

The owners of the Ripjack inn {Dave and Annie and lulee and the chef forgot his name}will find a boat for your witches rocks trip and any other activity you are interested in and confirm your times and give you directions to drive there. My wife took the rental car for a 2 hour drive to the rincon national forest to see the big waterfalls and the monkeys etc. no problems had a great time. They also went on the tree top cable tours through the big trees in the mountains on Daves rec. and every local there said the one he told us about was the best one in the area so that felt good he booked it at a discounted rate and gave us directions no big deal, no charge, all part of the service.

Cant think of anything else to say except dont miss the food at ripjack if you decide to stay anywhere in the area its worth the drive.

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