Loved the pool A review of Hampton Inn Jacksonville Beach/Oceanfront

Great location, right on the beach. We stayed there the Memorial Day weekend, 2004. This was one of the lesser expensive places we checked on the beach too. Our room was Oceanfront. Initially, they had us on a lower floor (2nd) and the view was obscured by palm trees. They really need to move them. We were then moved to the fifth floor and the view was great.

The room could use some maintenance. The carpet was dingy, and the ceiling on our floor both in the corridors and our bathroom was a cheap drop down ceiling that really craps the look up. Toilet didn't flush well, and the room door required more effort than should have been necessary to close. Oddly, the door going out onto the balcony was a single, spring-loaded, hinged door like you would see going into a restaurant. There is a very limited workout room that seemed about 100 degrees when I walked in. Must be a combination gym/sauna. ;-) The elevators were slow.

That's the bad stuff. Here's the good stuff. Breakfast was included and was ample though not luxurious. It varied slightly from day to day, but generally included scrambled eggs, waffles, sausage, biscuits, English muffins, banana and gingerbread mini-muffins, mini-bagels, several varieties of cereal, juices, and milk (whole and 2%). The pool was great. The giant rock waterfall creates about 5-6 waterfalls that you can stand under, though the water pressure is fairly powerful and can become painful. There is a hot tub. There was a tiki-bar that I didn't get a chance to check out. There is a rental place right next door that I believe rented kayaks, and I am not sure what else.

There may seem to be more negative about my review than positive, but I am ranking it fairly highly. The pool and waterfall add a luxury that without them, would garner this hotel a much lower score. If you will not be using the pool, then you may want to stay elsewhere.

My single biggest gripe was the lack of enforcement of some of the rules. I got back to the room late one night after the pool closed. I asked the front desk if I was quiet, and used the pool, would that be a big deal? He told me that if someone is caught in the pool after hours, they are supposed to have something happen to them. I took this to mean eviction. So, I didn't bother trying to sneak in the pool. However, the next night, not only did I see people in the pool after hours in the presence of hotel employees, they were under age children without adult supervision, so they were breaking 2 rules. I saw nothing adverse happen to them.

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