Loved the personality A review of Stanley Hotel

In October 2002, I drove through Estes Park and visited the Stanley Hotel just to see where "The Shining" was filmed. When I walked into the Lobby, I realized this Hotel has a personality of it's own. If walls could talk! What a story this place could tell! Immediately I knew I would have to return to Estes Park just to stay at this beautiful hotel. This is exactly what I did in October 2003. I visited Estes Park again, this time with reservations for 2 nights at the Stanley Hotel. This was a trip I will never forget. The staff was very friendly and the food at the restaurant was great, breakfast was the best. We stayed on the 4th floor, knowing that the elevator required assistance. After all, what are stairs for? The Stanley Hotel is for the adventure seeker, not someone that requires all the modern conveniences. I cannot wait until my next visit, maybe Mr. and Mrs.

Stanley will greet me at the top of the stair case!!

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