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Checking into the villas was easy. We were extremely happy with the accomodations of the condo. The decor was beautiful. Stainless steal appliances. The kitchen had everything we needed in order to cook meals indoors. Restaraunts were very close by. I suggest making reservations at Roys upon arrival. Roys is popular and hard to get in without reservations. The pool was nice. However, I think Outrigger should negotiate with the nearby hotels for customer access to their pool facilities. It would be a win/win. The hotels would make money on food/drinks purchased. I was disappointed with the workout facilities. The treadmill was really old and made loud noises. The bike was old and not very user friendly. Outrigger should invest in a few new workout machines. All in all, I highly recommend the Outrigger Fairway Villas. It was very peaceful and romantic. A great place for families to visit.

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