Loved the Intercontinental Miami, but... A review of Hotel InterContinental Miami

Great place! We stayed there for the New Year in December 2003. Truly 4 star. Interior, decor, toiletries, linens, loved the bathroom!

There are 3 things I'd like to share about our experience.

FIRST: if you have never been in Miami, do not plan to have a car there or do not have a lot of cash to spare: if you want to be in South or Miami Beach, never stay downtown. It is extremely expensive to go to the beach by cab. $25 one way. And we did not find any public transportation, but even if we did - what a pain to carry all your beach stuff on the bus and back!

If you do have a car, it is $15 to park at the hotel overnight and then very difficult to find parking at the beach, plus you'll pay again.

Hotels downtown are cheaper than at the beach if you look on Orbitz or Expedia, but be there very far from the beach!

SECOND: I booked this hotel on Expedia. And as you know, these wholesalers reserve a certain number of rooms in each hotel. Usually, if you travel on business days or regular weekends, you won't have any problems getting a nice room even if you paid a web rate. However, everything changes on a major holiday. For the New Year Intercontinental was 100% booked. So, we got a rough service at the front desk with a clerk explaining to us that we were inferior customers to those who paid the full price - which of course was totally insulting. (And by the way, if people want to pay $350 vs $80 - it is their choice!) So, we got a room with 2 twin beds for Dec 31st and then we could move if we wanted to. But we were planning to be at the beach with friends for the New Year anyway.

THIRD: you have to pay $10 to use a gym! I could not believe it! Nice gym indeed, but not for extra charge! The pool area with lounge chairs and hammocks was great though!

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