Loved St Regis A review of The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

Hi all

I just came back from St Regis and la Tahaa. Overall, I was very happy we picked St Regis. Here are some points I want to make


1)Only one restaurant for lunch and dinner(very expensive)

2) Shuttles to the main island are not organized like other resorts on motu.

3)Landscaping is very new so looks bare on some parts on the resort

4)Water level right from the OW bungalows is deep (I saw some fish there everyday)


1)The best room and best bathroom in FP.

It is so huge.(1600sft) I initially book beach bungalow but they upgrade our room to OW bungalows with Jacuzzi on our deck. Our view was amazing looking over the main Bora Bora island. The everything is so new, clean and stylish. I was so impressed. My husband liked two 50 inch plasma/flat screen TV (we rented some DVDs some nights).

2) $300 credit/day towards activity and spa

I think everyone got the same thing when I was there. They are well aware that it is not perfect so they compensate us for $300 day. That was huge. The most of excursions costs from $85 to $125/person (shark feed tour, wave runner tour to main land jeep tour). I did spa everyday and it was nice. Not to mention, everyone got a bottle of Dom Perignon when we arrived. I can't say you would get that same compensation when you come, but I am sure they will try to do the best they can to accommodate your needs

3) Good butler service

I know many people had problems with butlers, but our butler(Emily) was amazing. The first night at the resort was our 10th anniversary. When we came back from our dinner, our butler has put many candles and flower pedals all over the room and bed. We were so touched. Not to mention, We left some shoes in our room, when we contacted the hotel, Emily sent our shoes to our next hotel right away. She also arranged many activities as well as dinner reservations.


1)Bring/buy some snacks/food so that you do not have to eat at restaurants every meal. Wine is actually cheap. I was able to find $6 wine at many bora bora restaurants including St.Regis. So you do not have to bring them from the state. Free water bottles are available at activity desk near pool as well as fitness room, so take advantage of that.

2)Do not give 15% tip, it is not necessary. I talk to the locals many times about this. We gave few dollars at lunch and around $10 for diner. Some restaurants refuse to take our tips.

3)Try to eat dinner on main island on some nights (like Bloody Mary) It's fun to go somewhere different. Make sure to arrange free shuttle from the restaurant. For us, Shuttles always showed up on time. We went to dinner with other couple who we met on this trip, so enjoyed talking with them while we waited for our shuttle.

4) Bring some movies (DVD) that you have not seen. Even in July, we did have some rain when we were there. Also it gets dark by 6pm, It was nice to see some movies while we were there. There is no movie channel in English at Bora Bora. St Regis has some DVD collections,but we see movie often, we have seen the most of their collections.

5)Relax and enjoy!

I think some guests are very critical and I understand b/c they pay a lot money to go there, but give them a little break. The Most of stuffs are young French/European(average age 24.) They have been there only few months. It is really not easy to run huge operation like they do in FP. Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful places on earth. People should spend their time enjoying for what they have rather than complaining their shortcomings. I know they have some problems but they really try very hard. I will pick this place anytime.


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