Loved Rangiroa and the hotel A review of Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa

Rangiroa Kia Ora Village Review. My husband and I just returned from a mostly wonderful 2 week vacation to Tahiti. We stayed on 3 different islands. We stayed in Moorea at the Sheraton. (Which was my favorite island, The Sheraton IS the place to stay in Moorea. See my Moorea Reaview) then we went to Rangiroa. We are if you dive this is an AMAZING Atoll to dive. If you don't dive, there isn't much to do on the island other than just enjoy the gorgeous waters. This island is so different than any of the others we went to. It is flat, no mountains. It has a huge lagoon in the middle and on outer reef all the way around. No restaurants or places to go. But to go for a couple of days is wonderful. But this is a divers paradise. There are 3 dive shops. Dolphin, which is at the resort and crowded, 6 Passengers, which from the beach is a 2 minute walk to the left of the resort. And my favorite, Top Dive, which wasn't as crowded and had great service. It is 2 minute walk from the resorts beach to the right. There is more sea life than I've ever seen before. I asked to do a couple shark dives. They were AMAZING. We also saw dolphins, manta rays, eagle rays, turtles, more tropical fish than I've ever seen, huge tunas swimming around, etc. We had an over water bungalow. Which I am so glad we did. The gardens bungalows are small and the water is too gorgeous to not be on it. The over waters are alright inside, they can use updating.....but it turned out to be our favorite just because the water was amazing and it was way better than the garden bungalows. No T.V., so if you are a T.V. watcher, bring cards or something else to do. The waters outside the Bungalow are gorgeous. You have to feed all the fish by hand. They are so tame that you can even pet some of them. The island has nothing really to do other than dive. If you do fish, ask 6 Passengers dive shop to the left of the hotel to get you in contact with someone. The resort was way more expensive and they used the same guy. We only caught a tuna on the way in. The restaurant has great food. I don't eat much fish....but loved their breaded mahi mahi. And I loved their coconut Ice cream. The only thing that I didn't like....but wasn't just at the Kia Ora Village, it was consistent anywhere in the French Polynesian was no one is overly friendly. You never feel like you are getting GREAT service. I believe most places in the Caribbean and Mexico had better service. But no place I've ever been has had the waters like the F.P. (I also have a Bora Bora Lagoon Resort Review, and a Sheraton Moorea) Morea was Great. Bora Bora....not so great.

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