Loved paris, hotel kind of sucked A review of Kyriad Hotel Paris Bercy Village

Just came back from Paris on November 26, 2003. We stayed at the Kyraid Bercy Expo. My goodness, the room was the size of a closet, and I dont mean a walk in closet. I'ts not really close to much. So we pretty much had to take the metro everywhere. The web site where I booked it from was decieving. It said that it was close to everying. Nightlife, shopping, etc. Yeah right! It did not have a good restaurant, the bar was ridiculously expensive and it didnt really have much to offer.

Other than that I will definately return to Paris but will try real hard to stay somewhere around Chatelet Les Heles. As far as everything else, Paris is too expensive. You dont get your monies worth there. I dont know why I would return. There are far more better choices for the money and a lot closer to home like Canada and Mexico (Cancun)

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