We had a wonderful experience at the Victorian in Galveston and it was the Kappa weekend. Big events like that normally mean bad service well maybe not bad but hectic service but it was wonderful. I am Kappa alumni and found the experience to be wonderful especially the hotel service. The rooms were in excellent condition and fully equipped for the event and the hotel employees were even excellent and we really enjoyed it. I would recomend the Victorian to anyone who is visiting the Galveston area if their service was so great on that weekend of such choas then imagine their service when you stay there without such a weekend. I am simply impressed and want to visit the Galveston area every other month just to stay there. I am really hard to please and was so impressed my husband normally says that nothing pleases me and that i call room service for every little thing but never once did i have to call for anything because they had everything in the room or easy accessible. and they also had security in the parking lot i mean i really love it. See you there this Kappa all you brothers and sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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