Love the Villa Roma! A review of Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center

I've been going to Villa Roma since 1983. My grandparents had timesharing, then my parents took that over, and then my sister and i ended up owning it! The staff is great...everyone of them, from the dining room to the night club, to the front desk, to houskeeping! They only had one pool when we first went there back in the day, and now they have like three or four pools!! i can't believe how big it's gotten! and when we first went there..our timeshare was in the main building and the other ones up the hill was ALL grass! there weren't so many condo's as there are now, so you know the place is great! The summer band there, Synergy, who played there was awesome! My best friend met one of the guys in that band there, but he's not there anymore, but they're married now for 3 years! The Food is excellent!

Marty's lounge is fun too - that's one place where no kids are allowed!

We all can't wait to go up New Years weekend this year! The ONLY thing i can say about this is they need to have a "curfew" in the lobbies with the kids..there are soo many kids and they run all over the place and push and when i was 12 or in my teens back then, Villa Roma had good security and no teens or kids were allowed in the lobby or anywhere after i believe 10pm or 11pm....(i remember cuz we used to hear the security people say "it's curfew time!" ha ha) That's my only want to relax in the lobby and talk and you have screaming, loud kids running all over the place at night while their parents are at the nightclub. I'm sorry that my sister and i sold our timeshare..we just couldn't afford it anymore with the maintenance fees..i really miss it, but we will go in the summer and stay in one of the motel rooms becuase they are very clean! Enjoy!

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