Lousy July 4th on the Queen A review of The Queen Mary

So many things went wrong.

1. I checked in and they gave me a smoking room without telling me. I came back to the front desk and informed the attendant that they made a mistake, I had made my reservation two months previous and called one week before to check on the non-smoking status of my room. The attendant informed me that nothing was available and if I wished to, I could check out. I asked for the manager and the manager never came to speak with us, but the attendant was gone for about 15 minutes. When he returned, he gave us a non-smoking room, although, he was not very friendly. This is bad service no matter how you look at it. Not only was I not told that I was being checked in to a smoking room, but I also was left waiting for 15 minutes after I'd been told I should just check out. The fact that the manager never came out is another service nightmare!

2. We arrived at Sir Winston's Restaurant (the fine dining establishment on board) on time for a 6:30 pm reservation. My party waited 1 hour 20 minutes to be seated and it took numerous inquiries from us to actually receive a table. Additionally, while we waited in the bar, there was no one to serve us. The poor bartender was unable to assist us and had a long line from other disgruntled customers waiting for a drink. Once seated at our table, we were told to go watch the fireworks because they would not be able to serve us until after 9:30 p.m. They were just too backed up! Frankly, this is unbelievable service for a fine dining restaurant. It was not the waiter's fault. He did the best he could. Because the manager never explained or tried to assist those of us who had been waiting over an hour, I will never go to this restaurant again. Also, the food was so-so. Certainly not worth the price!

3. When I went to check out, I noticed that I paid $179 per night but the maximum listed on the room's door was $160. I believe the law is that a hotel is not allowed to charge over the posted charge in the room! Their response was they just forgot to change the cost in the room. This seems illegal to me!

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