Lost in the Eighties A review of Marriott Minneapolis City Center

This hotel shows its age in a manner and fashion that takes you back to the eighties. Brass, wood veneers, fake plastic plants abound in a dark atrium area with an unpopular bar and restaurant. We were there for a conference and found the rooms to be inconsistant too.

Three of us divided into three totally different rooms. My room was cavernous with room enough to conduct ballroom dancing instructions. No fear of bumping into furniture since it just wasnt there. No tub, just a shower with so-so water pressure. A low flow toilet added to the averageness of the room. The bed was typical marriott with nice pillows and a good duvet.

High speed internet access worked one of the three days there. Attendees at the conference remarked that they had the same issues. Room 1424 was so close to the ice and vending machines that each hour relived the final moments of the Titanic...the sound of ice crashing and metal grinding. There was also noise from adjacent rooms and the hallway.

The hotel was generally clean, although in need of a renovation.

We went to the lounge, which despite its full menu, was out of several items. We ordered Buffalo Wings, with our beers. The waiter told us an order was 13 or 14 depending on who counted. When they arrived there were 8. "Guess they changed the menu last night" said the waiter. Ugh. Greasy Blue Cheese dressing, sickly wings and some red sauce that was not really Buffalo style. Go elsewhere for food.

The location of the hotel puts you in the heart of the tourist part of town. Keep in mind the lobby is on the fifth floor and you enter through a dank semi storefront entrance where the elevators take you up to the lobby. There were always homeless or loitering types around the main entrance too. Kinda creepy.

I just sat and counted that I have visited 25 states and stayed at at least that many Marriott/Renaissance Hotels. This, sadly, is at the bottom of a very long list. No recommendation from me.

As a Platinum member, I didnt get the room upgrade, and wasnt treated any differently than the other hordes being corralled in the lobby. Try another marriott, including perhaps the Residence Inn just a block away.

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