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There is an old section and new section of the hotel. Some of the older

rooms are dated, and instead of a doorwall to the balcony you get a

solid door that is not attractive nor see-thru. The hotel decor is

bavarian, of course, with very nice murals depicting mountains on the

walls. The staff were very nice. On one trip we got a suite, mistake,

as alot of the younger teen and 20-something partiers get the suites

and we had noisy partiers keeping the kids up all night (the walls were

like paper, even quiet conversations in the next room could be heard).

The older section is closer to all the fun, the newer section, it is

quite a walk to everything and the car, but it is newer construction

and so the room (and hall) is quieter - thicker walls? - anyway, you

don't hear as much from the next room.

The pools are great, check open times as I believe there is a time of

day you cannot swim at all, inbetween the checkout time and checkin

time...so arriving early to swim doesn't always work out.

But if you do arrive early the kids can play in the game center that

runs practically the whole length of the hotel on the lower level.

Miniature golf usually stays open, too. The kids can also make wax hand

statues and collect tickets from games to cash in for prizes (same as

most arcades, need alot of tickets to get a decent prize). The

restaurants are good for kids, even the pickiest of eaters can find

something they like, especially at the cafeteria-style restaurant by

the miniature golf course.

We have come for many years, when my kids were pre-schoolers they

absolutely loved the two-story playhouse and the pools (the new splash

pool is terrific for this age group). As grade-schoolers they loved the

arcade and mini-golf. As pre-teens being cool by the pool and shopping

in town and at the Birch Run Outlet Mall were big. As teens (last trip

they were 13 & 14) the big hit was KARAOKE! We were there with many

other families from our school and we had about 20 kids between us and

they ALL spent the evening doing karaoke and loved it! They were of

course, silly, and loud and boisterous and it was nice that these teens

had a special place in the hotel where they could be themselves and not

be disturbing anyone. I was surprised to see they enjoyed the trip as

much as when they were younger as I had expected this last trip to be

our last but they are begging to go again! My only complaint about the

cafeteria-style restaurant in the fun center that hosts the karaoke

Friday and Saturday nites is that is more like a bar - it has pool

tables and alcohol and allowed smoking when we were there.

Being that this place is designed specifically for kids of all ages, I

think that the smoking and alcohol should be limited to the other

restaurant in the hotel that is not near the fun center or around the

kids. We had several problems over the years with both men and women

who get drunk and make shameless passes at "mom" or "dad" in front of

the kids. These drunk guys watch as your 14 year old daughter sings on

stage and their eyes follow her movements around the fun center and it

was a bit creepy. We complained about the smoking, but got no relief.

Don't expect alot if you are unhappy with your room or the noise, we

have had absolutely no luck in changing rooms on several visits (they

seem to never have another room available - even when our group had

booked 8 rooms of families on our last trip they were still

unresponsive to complaints when one person was getting smoke smell in

their room even though it was non-smoking - someone in a nearby room

must have been smoking and it drifted to their room). We come back each

year because the kids like it so much, it is inexpensive if you go on a

club nite and it is a great place for multi-family gatherings - we

always go with alot of other families so moms and dads have friends to

sit and talk with (and shop with) while the kids swim and play (it gets

boring quick for adults otherwise).

Luckily, the drunk adults have only been a problem on a few trips. I wouldn't advise just letting the kids run around unsupervised, it is not secure enough, so be sure to be close by and keep an eye on them.

They have a club which is definitely worth joining ($5/yr) if you plan

to go more than once, on my last trip I earned a $40 gift certificate

good for my next trip, and they have special pricing nites that can run

as low as $60. So I plan on going on and getting a room for only $20!


The hotel has a shuttle service that will take you over the bridge into

town, although it is a short walk, it is nice to use if it is raining

or snowing. It runs regularly and was very convenient.

There is an adult-only pool in a quiet section of the hotel tha also

has a hot tub...I recommend this if you don't have the kids in tow. It

is a pretty setting. There is a multi-story window that runs the length

of the pool and it gets the morning and afternoon light and has a nice

view - it is so relaxing and you can catch some rays, I have only seen

other people in it after dinner, so it is a nice quiet daytime getaway.

The adult-only area also has a lounge and pool tables.

There is a new shopping center, called River Place next to the hotel,

it looks like a small Bavarian village with rock walls and a pretty

stream running through it. It has some unique shops and funstuff like a

house of mirrors, for the kids. It is on the river and there is a

riverboat cruise you can take down the river. Interesting to note is

the large blocks of pretty rock that line the walkway down to the

riverboat, apparently these were cut from the Niagara Falls area and

brought there. They also constructed a man made waterfall that looks

very natural and is quite large and can be viewed fromt eh boat and

from a walkway-bridge that runs across the river into the heart of

town. The sidewalks in town are heated in winter.

We do ocassionally have noise problems by other guests. This is most significant during "winter school breaks (Easter, Winter, Christmas, etc). We do significantly beef up our staff to manage the experience. We also have very specific policies on noise in rooms and do evict guests who are unruly or disrespectful to other guests. Fortunately, this does not happen more then 3-4 times a year.

I appreciate the guests concerns regarding smoking. We have minimized further the areas where smokes are allowed. There is no longer smoking available anywhere near any pool. Also over 80% of our guestrooms are smoke free.

It is a very rare circumstance that we cannot provide alternative rooms if a view isn't just right or you need a larger room. I believe this guest is coming during a school break which is about the only time we are limited with 360 guestrooms.

We take all guests concerns seriously. I have been with the Bavarian Inn - Zehnder family since I was 15 years old. I am now in my 28th year of service and I know that no hotel will survive without repeat guests. I can tell... this guest does plan to return.

Jim Engel, General Mananger

Bavarian Inn Lodge 989-652-7200

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