Location is great; amenities only so-so A review of Northwoods Inn

My wife and I were first-time vistiors to Lake Placid and the Northwoods Inn turned out to be in the perfect location. It is right in the center of town and it's a reasonable walk in either direction to get to all of the restaurants, shops, movie theater, dog sled rides, tobogaan rides, the Olympic rinks and speed skating oval. Relatively short drive (10 minutes or so) gets you to the other Olympic venues like bobsled, luge, and ski jumps. The room itself was not great. It's old-seeming. The couch was neither particuarly comfortable nor clean. Not out and out dirty, but just old and beat up with some visible stains. The walls are paper thin and we heard a lot of noise from the room above us and those next to us. The beds are relatively new and Tempurpedic, which I have mixed feelings about, but I know some people love them. Parking at the hotel was very difficult on Saturday (very few spaces in the hotel lot), but the staff upon check in provided us with a map directing us to a nearby lot, which was not very far away. The parking situation was a lot better on Sunday and Monday and we were able to park in the hotel lot both of those days. Elevator is very slow (we were on the 5th floor) and taking the stairs is definitely quicker most of the time. The hotel also has a restaurant. We attempted to dine there for breakfast one morning, but left before ever placing an order because the service was so agonizingly slow. Despite the numerous shortcomings, our experience was pretty good because we didn't spend a lot of time at the hotel anyway and we didn't go in expecting top-of-the-line luxury. Given the state of the hotel, the price seemed high ($169 for Sat. night and $99 for Sunday night), but I don't really know how this compares to the other hotels in the area because I've never stayed at any of them.

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