Like to be scared to death at 2 am? A review of Miami International Airport Hotel

I wish we had checked tripadvisor before making reservations for this hotel. After a stressful family vacation we chose to spend one night here to try to reduce the stress of making the rest of our flight home. Upon landing in Miami at 6 pm, I received news of a death in the family, had to make new flight arrangements to attend the funeral and of course had new stress to deal with. There were no children's channels to entertain our small children while we made calls, but there are half a dozen with flight info on them. We were all looking forward to getting what rest we could. A few hours after finally falling alseep, the Evacuation Alarm went off, sending nearly everyone in the hotel into the hallways looking for a way out. The front desk said it was a false alarm and security said go back to sleep! It went off a second time about an hour later. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep or receive any type of compensation for the disruption, not even an apology!! I would welcome management response to this experience.

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Miami International Airport Hotel
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