Life is full of Sensual Pleasures A review of Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Life is full of sensuous pleasures, one of them being lunching with a friend(s) at least that ranks up there with me. In our sleepy town the talk was the new Four Seasons hotel and spa. The thousand oaks, Westlake area has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade. The supply and demand of restaurants' and shops is increasing all the while a welcome breath of fresh air to our gas tanks. Getting out for a new experience use to mean a trip to the city, but now we are becoming a city unto itself with an abundance of pleasures for everyone.

Pamela had a birthday and I wanted to buy her a Martini, of course we hemmed and hawed over where to go, finally I said, "Let's go to that new four seasons and check it out." Agreed, we set it up meet at 11:45 hotel lobby. I arrived first, it was quite the task getting to the front of the hotel, for me anyway, there were signs, but no signs of life. I navigated my way around the hotel and finally saw what I thought was the front entrance, I pulled up to be greeted by the valet guy who was pleasant in nature and asked me if I was staying, handed me a ticket then drove off in my car. I walked in asked the women who was standing around where the restaurant was for lunch and she said, "here in the lobby lounge." I raised an eyebrow and said to myself, "I am open." The place was empty so the wonderment of where shall I sit was an open invitation. I choose the small table by the window which over looked a courtyard with a huge rock formation and water streaming everywhere, no color anywhere, what it looked like to me was a habitant for gorillas, I felt like I was at the Zoo.

I was greeted by a server who asked me if I wanted something to drink, I told her I was waiting on a friend and wanted to wait. A few minutes later my friend emerged looking radiant, we exchanged the usually hug and air kiss and I motioned her towards the table. She was not too happy with the seating arrangements for they were uncomfortable she thought to sit and eat a meal, but was pleasant enough to have a drink. I concurred but said, "hey let's give it a whirl." The server came back we ordered our Martini's, both of us had a lemon drop with Grey Goose Vodka, yum. The waitress brought out an 8oz tall decorative glass that had about 5 very thin crunchy bread sticks, not very appealing. I asked her for some butter, which I never got, when we addressed the butter issue again she said it had to come from a distance, in which I replied never mind it is not important.

We asked the waitress if this was the only restaurant in this hotel, in which she replied, "No there is a Japanese cuisine called Onyx Sushi as well," she brought us the menu we looked it over and decided to stay where we were and try this out first.

The menu was decent with a variety of choices if you were starving. We ordered. For starters, Pamela had the broccoli cheese puree soup, she said it was tasty. We choose to split the Vegetarian Club Sandwich - Avocado, Eggplant, Tomato Jam, Fennel Confit, which came out burnt toast which was supposed to be lightly toasted; it was hard as a rock. I proceeded to bite into my half and the avocado slipped out, actually shot out, the toast was so hard that nothing wanted to remain inside the sandwich. I did not want to engage in eating it anymore. If you wanted ground pepper here at the four seasons you better know how to twist it on yourself, they are not big on service.

Our server came back and we asked for cappuccino's, which sounded tasty, always a good ending to any meal. The cappuccino's arrived with much to do about anything, if it were not for Pamela's' birthday we would have not had a sweet to satisfy the palate that usually accompanies the cappuccino. I just love those little dipping cookies that is half the fun of having the after lunch treat.

The bill, you got to pay! Much to our surprise they had put the valet charge on the lunch ticket without warning I might add. No signs out front, the server did not point it out to us, just a big surprise when we went over to make sure it was correct. Funny thing she took the tickets and stamped them we thought we were getting it validated so we did not have to pay, but that was just not the case, it was to show them we paid the valet.

To sum up my experience at the Four Seasons, if you choose to stay there, then sit down, shut up, and order. You guessed it I shall not be returning.

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