Kutshers, Why Don't You Change? A review of Kutsher's

After returning from my third stay at Kutshers (5 days/4 nights) on a club sponsored bus trip, I am still puzzled. Why hasn't Kutshers improved its amenities and why did I return for the third year? Upon arrival we were ushered into the Sportsmen's Lounge, a holding area, where we had sweets and coffee or tea. The Sportsmen's Lounge must have undergone a flooding several years ago, because its overwhelming mildew odor has not subsided in three years or more.Yes, lobby carpets are new, and probably some of the lobby seating areas. Yet the lawn chairs available near the lake/biking/fishing area are still shabby. Many chairs need to be replaced. Their seats lack plastic webbing. I did spot perhaps four new chairs, but there is still a scramble among guests for decent, sturdy chairs.Also upon arrival, we were informed that most of the rooms our group had reserved a year ago were assigned to guests staying until Labor Day. We were promised rooms with walk-in showers, but only a few were available for those of our guests who were handicapped. Due to the shifting of pre-assigned rooms, luggage was not retrieved for a long period of time or else placed at the doors of the originally assigned rooms. This created inconvenience, not only with the luggage delay, but also the mix-up in phone calls which were relayed to the wrong rooms, etc.This year my husband and I shared a room that was in better shape than the previous two years. Last year the indented space on the wall behind the door knob was filled with newspapers and the room need to be thoroughly cleaned. Our current room only needed the air conditioner to be thawed out. (The coils had frozen.) Last year the shower head had sprung a leak causing water to jet over the shower door into the bathroom but this was repaired with duct tape. This year I noticed the sheer curtain in our bedroom was hemmed with industrial staples!The daily menus included many errors for which the wait staff apologized. Also, one evening many guests turned back chocolate eclairs after discovering that the chef had omitted sugar in their preparation. Flanken (a boiled meat was listed), but it was not the authentic item. (Why list it when it's not what it should be?)Kutshers has a lot to offer, but the lack of attention to guests' comfort (even if off-season) should be corrected. My husband and I have decided not to return next year.I would suggest the availability of coffee at all hours for guests, Kutshers post cards available at the front desk, handing out Kutshers T-shirts or caps to guests who participate in talent shows or entertain. It would be good advertisement and please those people brave enough to entertain before an audience.

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