Ku Is On the way to becoming a very good hotel! A review of Ku Hotel

I just returned from a 2 week stay in Anguilla and I stayed at Ku. Ku use to be the old Shoal Bay Hotel which I never had stayed at but had heard that the owners had let get very run down. Now that is it is Ku it is being managed by the Cap Juluca people for the next 5 yrs to turn it into a top hotel on the eastern end of the island.

I must tell you that when I arrived they had just finished putting the finishing touches on my room. I had a very spacious 1 bedroom oceanfront suite on the 3rd floor with great views from the balcony. The restaurant which was suppose to have been open was delayed due to construction and materials problems and the were working feverishly to get it open.

I also had no cable tv for 2 days because they were working out the bugs with the the wiring and also my telephone seemed fine because I could call the front desk but they could not call me but eventually this was resolved as well.

The personnel and staff at the hotel were great and treated me very well. I think the maids were upset that I did not want the turn down service because I didn't need it. Also too the bathroom toiletrys are Bulgari products which was a very nice touch.

Now for the things that need improving. The pool was not properly maintained and needed to be cleaned daily. The restaurant when it did open had decent food but the $16 continental breakfast which was nothing more than some cereal, coffee, tea, and breads was way overpriced. I had ordered room service and they charged me $3 extra because I didn't have dinner at the restaurant in addition to the 15% service fee. Also the beach bar is not up and running and you had to wait quite awhile for your drink or you could walk a few feet over to Uncle Ernies and get one right away and cheaper!

I think the problem Ku is going to run into is that they are trying to make it a mini Cap Juluca which it will never be. Shoal Bay is not the exclusive enclave Maunday Bay is nor will it ever be. Shoal Bay is more public than private. I think they need to concentrating on becoming a good solid mid range hotel.

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