Keys Mode A review of Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort

We could of stayed forever! If you want to sink into what I call "Keys Mode", then the Ocean Beach Club is the place for you! Just pack some tee's, shorts and a bathing suit....that's all you need! Our suite was clean, spacious and came with a view that was so relaxing that my husband and I could of easily spent our four days there on the balcony. (Speaking of which, the balcony is a common walk way with tables and chairs which offers not just the spetacular view of the Atlantic Ocean, but a great way to meet your neighbors!) If you must leave the building, there is a nice pool and beach along with a great tikki bar and restaurant next door. Unless you are into site seeing, you never have to get in your car to go anywhere! As I write this, it is August 3rd, 2005 and we got home yesterday....I'm to relaxed to work....still in "Keys Mode".....think I'll go lay by our pool and pretend.....


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