Ketchup and Cigarettes A review of Galt House Hotel & Suites

I found this hotel on the web and had its worth confirmed in several travel guides. Listings bragged about the olde Southern charm. What I did not know when I got there was that I had gotten a web rate. This "bargain" qualified me for a view-less room on the 2nd or 3rd floor, across from their two catering kitchens. Both rooms I saw were circa 1970; one had a torn curtain. Once I got there, I was offered an upgrade for $85 additional. After exploring the hotel, I thought it wasn't worth it, cut my losses after one night, and headed for the Brown. Besides the strong food odor and the construction going on outside (they are building an atrium), the worst problem was the smoke. Despite having a non-smoking room, the meeting rooms across the hall did allow smoking, and everyone would congregate outside the rooms to take a puff. There are actually ashtrays, bolted like sconces, right outside your door. Note: each room has dramatically different decor, so if you don't like what you've got, another room might have blond faux wood instead of mahogany. Admittedly, the location isn't bad and I was sort of fascinated by the olive fixtures in one of the bathrooms.

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