Keep Your Luv Alive @ Caesars A review of Paradise Stream Resort

My husband & I have been going to the 4 Caesars' resorts repeatedly for years (except Brookdale--which we went to once, 'cuz we're getting AWAY from the kids!) The resorts are MEANT and MADE for lovers.If you enjoy and crave a sweet, romantic atmosphere & truly love the one you're with--you HAVE to love Casears. I read a few of the reviews on here & it sounds like a few folks need more than a weekend away to put the spark back! For the rest of us, who love love, you will have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE when you visit. The service is terrific, from checkin to the wonderful breakfast in bed (how great, we can relax snuggled up & have someone bring our coffee hot and fresh!)to the rooms--ahh, the rooms. We have been in most of them, our faves are the Apples & the Champagne Towers but the great thing @ Caesars is they are always reinventing themselves with NEW rooms (we're trying the Diana's Oasis this Sunday, I'll be back after to fill you guys in!) The rooms are spotlessly clean, butif you DID have a problem, the staff is super accomodating! The lounges are all great for a yummy drink or just mingling (we have a hard time getting out of the rooms sometimes, so we just go mingle!) The dinners aren't 4 star food, but they're included, so try em. Some stays we just skip dinner & order a fruit and cheese platter from room service to nosh on. We have sent many friends here who all love it. Ladies, I dont care how long you're married, pack some lingerie & take care of yourself by keeping fit & you can keep the man of your dreams happy forever--just brng him to Caesars!! sameto you guys out there!! Pack the silk boxers and romance her--Caesar's is the BEST place to do it, right.

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