JW Marriott does not respect privacy! A review of JW Marriott Houston

I have been a business traveler for more than nine years and wanted to post an experience I had recently at the JW Marriott in Houston, Texas. Apparently, the JW Marriott does not consider personal privacy to be a priority. I had requested a wake up call, and in response someone broke into my room (past the security bolt I had engaged) and saw me completely naked. When I spoke to the General Manager, he explained that he had actually authorized the break-in because I had not picked up the phone for the wake up call. In my experience, the wake up call is typically automated; and even if not, it typically ceases to ring after 3 or 4 times. I was in the shower and busy getting ready for the day when someone broke into my room without even so much as announcing them self or their intention. For all I knew, someone off the street was breaking into my room. But when I learned from the General Manager that this break-in was actually authorized, I was (and continue to be) appalled beyond explanation. The General Manager provided a weak excuse that this was in my best interest as I may have suffered a seizure or some such thing. To me, the fact that someone does not pick up what is typically an automated wake up call is hardly reason to jump to the most outlandish conclusion that something drastic is occurring with the guest in the room. If the JW Marriott wishes to practice such an inappropriate policy, I believe other travelers should be aware.

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