Just so so A review of Bi & Bee Saigon Hotel & Restaurant

I just got back from this hotel. There were definite pros and cons.


-There were very quick replies to my emails, even though I had some questions and clarifications.

-My flight was delayed so I called from the airport before I left because I had asked for a pick up, they were very accomodating.

-There were times when the front desk staff were nice. This depended on the person working.

-When my a/c was not working I called down and they responded very quickly, I appreciated it very much

-The restraunt is cute and drew a lot of people into the hotel. The pho I chose for breakfast in the morning that was complimentary was good and the one dinner I ate at the restaurant was okay.


-I went on a Mekong Delta tour through them since they asked in one of their emails if I was interested. They call a local tour company and charge you three extra dollars for the tour. When I asked for a single room they charged five extra dollars, which is fine, but if I did it directly through the tour company it would have been only three extra dollars. The tour company is only a five minute walk away. This was a lesson learned.

-Via email I was told I could have ten percent off my rooms. The first morning I was off to a two day trip to the delta so when I mentioned the discount to the front desk clerk she said I could have it taken off when I pay at the end of my stay because I was going to come back when I returned to HCM. At the end of my stay another person was at the desk and she said she couldn't do anything about it. In fact, they tried to renege on the 10% even when I showed them the email. The other clerk arrived as I was leaving for the airport. In the end they did honor their offer.

-My "junior suite" was six floors up. I had to walk all the way with my heavy bags while the male employee walked up to show me the room. Its around 12 flights of stairs. I'm 5'2" and around 120 lbs. It just would have been nice after a late flight.

-They have a refridgerator in the room and I happily paid the water I drank, but I don't think look in there to see what you have consumed. I think they look in the trash bin, but the problem is that I bought drinks from the stores and brought them up with me. In all fairness, they did take my word and took off the items I did buy, but this mistake happened to me both times I paid for my room.

-I think the room I stayed in is the one that is pictured on this site. The plastic leaves fell off the fake tree in the night and the one side of the curtains started to fall off because it was so difficult to open and close. The floors do not look like they are washed otherwise everything else was clean, but then I am not a messy person.

I believe you can find better places for the price.

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Bi & Bee Saigon Hotel & Restaurant
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