just returned from a 4 day trip whcih included new years eve. the mresort mism very big and clean. the food is less than gourment but not bad at all.\night time was difficult especially nye. the children were not allowed in them night club until 11:50 . they had different parties for different age groups. they were not supervised or organized. the teen party had cd's playing on a horrible sound sysytem. no one checked to keep younger kids out. our party had small kids that went to a pj party that nite. no one checked to see who was signing the kids out they were just releasing them.At 11;50 the entrance was jammed in the nite club with kids looking to find parents and visa versa. it was a dangerous scary scene.New Year day evening there was a show and kids could come if you wanted OR there was a bowling tournament for them. our kids went bowling. it was unorganized there were 50 kids signed up and at first only three lanes opened. they eventually opened more . we paid for shoes and for them to bowl but there were no shoes for them to rent so they bowled in sneakers. kids that can to the nite club had no seats and were sitting on parents laps.

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