Just OK A review of Eaglewood Resort & Spa Chicago

The rooms were OK, but could not accommodate our entire family of 6 (we had to go with 2 adjoining rooms). These are typical hotel rooms, no refrigerator, sink, VCR, or microwave. We had a child taking amoxicillin and needed to have the medication refrigerated. They did supply us with a tiny refrigerator, but it barely kept anything cold.

We ran out of t.p. one of the days, and outside our window was a very large pipe (HVAC and/or water heater). Every 15 minutes or so a loud humming noise filled our rooms for about 5-10 minutes. This was very annoying. The rooms were hot - all the time (even with the windows open and 40 degree weather outside). Stay away from the 3rd floor rooms 320 and 322! The restaurants are not very kid friendly - the prices are outrageous and the quality of food was average. To get to the spa, pool, bowling area etc. you have to walk outside across the parking lot. This is extremely inconvenient in cold weather and with children.

Now the good stuff...the pool was very nice and large. We had very few people that we had to share it with because the resort was so empty. We didn't use the spa, but it looked nice. The bowling area and fitness center were very nice. The staff was mostly pleasant. The value was great. We got 3 nights (2 rooms) for $400 total plus $100 in resort credits (for use in the restaurants, bowling area, and spa). The surrounding area is full of things to do. Would I go back? Only if they offered me a free weekend. It just wasn't all that great.

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