Just ok, one step above holiday inn. A review of Hyatt Regency Rochester

I stayed here for 42 dollars for one night.

Not really impressed with it. The lobby was really nice, free newspaper, lobby looked like a 4* hotel.

I checked in, and they screwed up my priceline reservation, and put 300 bucks on my credit card under some elses name. No problem, I walked down to the front desk, and the person took care of it, and gave me a non smoking room on the 22nd floor.

The rooms are kinda blah. Probably one step above holiday inn, deffinitely not 4* rooms, thats for sure.

No free internet access, they had tmobile hotspots setup for 9.99 a day. Another blah.

One small fridge, no microwave, again this doesn't seem like a 4* hotel. Nice view of the rochester skyline from the 22nd floor.

The front desk called me after checkin to ask if I needed anything, which was a nice touch.

I would stay here again, but not more for 42 dollars thats for sure. I'd be kinda ticked if I paid 150 a night for the room.

Oh, they gave you a parking discount ticket for the ramp, it was 3 dollars a day. Very cheap compared to most big cities that hit you for 20-25 bucks per day.


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