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We stayed at Smugglers for 6 nights in January 2005 with our 2 children ages 1 and 4. The first condo we were given was absolutely filthy. The bathroom had not been cleaned and we found food scattered on the carpeting in the main room. Not only wasn't it clean, but the condo they gave us had no washer/dryer and required a LONG walk (up stairs, down internal hallways, etc) which just wasn't convenient for a family with small children. We complained and were given 2 alternatives to choose from (annoyed us that both were MUCH better than the one they originally gave us which made us wonder how they determine where to put people). The one we chose was much nicer, but we still found food on the carpets and under the beds so it wasn't that clean either (just better than the first one we saw). Smugglers clearly has issues with housekeeping and we just had to wonder how clean everything else was. Our unit also had no heat in the bedroom which we managed to survive with until our entire building ran out of propane on night (used for heating) and we awoke to an absolute freezing room. We had to again complain in order to receive a slight discount. Hard to imagine how a resort could have a building run out of propane in January but they managed to. Anyway, aside from housekeeping/maintenance issues, we had a pretty good time. For the most part, the staff is very friendly. Be aware that the ski school (our 4 year old was in this) is really daycare with some skiing involved. Our 4 year old did improve quite a bit, however, and I would recommend the private lessons which seemed quite good (we did one the last day for our son). We tried the Treasures Daycare for our 1 year old for 3 mornings. One staff member was absolutely excellent, but the others seemed completely apathetic which was worrisome. Not sure we'd use them again. For a ski vacation, Smugglers was good. The lifts are slow, but that was OK for us. The cross country trails were very good and we also enjoyed snowshoeing. The ice skating was a disappointment and the week we were there the indoor pool was downright cold. Maybe it was the extreme cold, but the water wasn't very warm and it was unbearable to sit in the pool area without being dressed for cold weather. The "Fun Zone" was OK but nothing too great - didn't live up to the photos we saw in the brochure. All in all, we had a good time but I doubt we would go there again. We did get a good rate but had to attend a 90 minute presentation. With the "problems" we had experienced at check-in, our presentation lasted less than 30 minutes. That itself sums it up.

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