JUST FINE -- RELAX A review of The Cove Atlantis

The Cove was exactly what i thought it would be. Expectations were high and so were the prices, but they did at least meet them (somewhat). We arrived(my girlfriend and i) to be greeted by a very happy guard at the car entry gate. When we got to the hotel it was beautiful,adult contemp.,and tried to be very chic. It was new and clean thats all i cared about. Our belman was very pleasant and tried hard to tell us stuff we alredy knew about the hotel (sweet but needs more training). Our room was fine, no problems everything worked. The view was great, the air was fresh, and it was warm, that again is all i cared about. We stayed for four days and just tried to relax -- it was just fine people. It seems as though every review you read is negative, but its really not the case. Rich People should not go here -- you expect to much out of people and life -- and probably are always dissappointed -- its not for you. Poor people can't afford it -- way to expensive REMEMBER THOUGH YOU PAY FOR THE VIEW , OCEAN, WARMTH, SAFETY, its not the suburbs its not AMERICA people -- everything is imported to a little island made for tourits and vacationers. Appreciate the time you have with family, friends and loved ones and appreciate this country( Bahamas in general) and its people.

Heres the 911


Ocean-warm and clear, Private beaches, Pools, Nice atmosphere(views), Dolphin experience we had ,Casino (only if you win), Water Rides and activities such as helicoptor tours, jet skies, fishing trips,dolphin encounters,scooters down town, Restaurants,Sharks, Room (somewhat).


Staff -- somewhat rude and not knowledgable at all -- its like 30% good 70% bad

Tipping is funny in the bahamas -- gratuity is added in everywhere even though its feels as though you have to tip still -- stay low 5 dollars is fine most of the time (help with bags, car services, waitresses on the beach)

Room -- seemed not always cleaned to perfection -- though still cleaned not good enough (bring disinfecting wipes it helps - just to make sure)

Prices -- if you dont know check it out first -- its crazy expensive!! -- BUT REMEMBER YOU PAY FOR THE VIEW, OCEAN, ETC...

some drinks are 25 dollars -- yea i wrote 25 dollars

Phone -- get a BAHAMIAN PHONE CARD -- there are phones before and after the casino you can use and that everyone uses! -- i own my own business and i had to call alot -- calling from the room was almost impossible -- my sprint phone card didn' t even work!

Relax your on vacation take long walks around the grounds -- its so safe its ridiculous -- staff everywhere even late at night when you come home from the casino broke.


Mosaic -- most bang for your buck(buffet style -don't be turned off its good food) -- food is great and almost anything you can think of they have to offer ( smoked salmon, crepes and bagels to french toast and omlets prepared right in front of you - yogurts, cereals, fresh fruit, anything you can think of.

MESA Grill -- wonderful service, excellent food, 5 out of 5 Go there!!!

Cafe Martinque -- EVEN better, Food was some of the best i've ever had (im in the restaurant business -- trust me they know what they ' re doing (one complaint -- they might of thought we didn't realize our wine was not the one we selected but we did -- even though the wine we receieved was if not the same in quality and taste ( we knew ), it seemed as though since we where a young couple they shrugged it off -- happens a lot to young people i think.

Jamba Juice -- great snack , healthy alternative ( enjoy staring at giant yachts all day when you go get one, you won't believe the money)

Our hotel also had great food -- cheap by resort standards -- BETTER DRINKS THOUGH !!!

Try the POOP DECK -- its off the resort but well worth it -- normal american prices for food -- mostly seafood - you can check out there walls of fame -- a lot of famous people have been there even though it doesn't seem like people would go there ( that is famous people -- you'll be surprised with some of the names you read( a list stars).

Again enjoy yourself - spend some money (not to much though) -- gamble some too -- lye on the beach - swim in the ocean and don't touch your MINIBAR --sensors everywhere

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